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Stone and paver columns provide structurally increased vertical stability and reinforce corners, eliminating the hassle of superficial chips, scratches, and splintering. The added vertical height that a column demands catches the eye’s attention, making it a critical focal piece to any vertical hardscape. 

Our column constructions are built from the ground up and prevent excess settling that leads to cracking and joint movement. Solid underground footings ensure the column stands in place and can withstand impact, ground saturation, root growth, and nearly any obstruction. Most notably, our column builds deliver an increased load capacity, enabling it to bear a multiple of more than 3x the weight. 

Column Footings

Depending on the project, our column footings, also known as “aggregate piers,” include permeable concrete and sand grid structures, preventing collapse and erosion.

When you hire us for stone columns, we ensure it’s the last one you will ever have to build.   

Stone Column Ideas

Stone columns, like driveways, entries, and gates, are advantageous when solid construction is needed. Outside of having a solid structure, stone pavers can be used to wrap posts on any outdoor structure or entrance. Having your front columns wrapped in stone is a sure way to increase the natural look of your home. But things start to come together when the column matches a rock or stone facade.

Columns can be incorporated into almost every service we offer and are a huge part of nearly everything we do. From patio columns to small seat columns, we can make your outdoor stonework stronger and more impactful by simply utilizing a column with a cap. 

Whether the column is short or tall, it will surely provide visual cues that are noticeable from afar. While the need for a stone column may not always be for the added attention, they remain crucial to vertical construction.

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