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One of our most commonly recommended added features is a custom patio seat wall. There are many added benefits to a patio sitting wall outside of the increased seating capacity that are considerations for your next build.  

Structurally, outdoor stone seating can be added to existing structures. But when you opt for this added feature with one of our builds, you will enjoy the increased privacy that a low-hung wall provides, while every stone that’s laid will match and be uniform in age and color. 

Our outdoor patio seating also helps protect ground-level hardscapes by limiting excessive water from flowing over and around stone and paver surfaces. 

Patio Sitting Wall Ideas

Suppose the advantage of patio seating is more of an afterthought, and you are having trouble deciding if you need it. In that case, we can help plan and design your patio seating ideas so that it’s less invasive and provides seamless integration where visitors only see it as a comfortable sitting place. 

Seat walls are ideal when storage and other outdoor amenities are highly regarded and can be part of our process or future options when cost and budget are in mind. Contact us for more ideas and a professional look at how your outdoor spaces could benefit from stunningly beautiful and practical patio seat walls. 

Stone/ Paver Patio Seating

The apparent advantage of paver patio seating is increased sitting capacity, which looks modern and has no points of failure. Permanent seating areas require little to no maintenance and don’t weather or degrade over time.

There is also something to be said for not having to pull out additional chairs, and guests can get situated comfortably on their own. Our custom designs offer back support and comfortable seating that will weather all storms and levels of entertainment.

Brick Patio Seating

Matching brick patio wall seating offers a monochromatic and simplistic look making its consistency higher than most other materials. Choose from whitewashed and additional brick colors that you will never have to paint, seal, or maintain.

Wooden Benches & Seating

If you want solid seating with added mobility features, our wooden benches and outdoor seating options are customizable and provide a lower price point. Another added benefit is that wooden benches sit lower and are great additions to existing seating. 

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Patio Seating Construction

A patio with a sitting wall is a much more thorough approach, but we also recognize that not every project calls for them due to building restrictions or preferences. But when the idea of a patio seating solution is of interest, we will see you through your vision, recognize your needs, and make recommendations that provide long-term gains to a flawlessly built and designed hardscape.

See the beauty and gain an understanding of your patio wall and seating options by calling us for stone and paver wall services and advice that you can count on.

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