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A retaining wall is the best erosion management system when your front or backyard is on a slope or suffers from low grade. Our walls are engineered to exceed specifications offering increased strength for soil retention. 

When your backyard renovation is imminent, a 2 – 4 ft retaining wall is perfect for flower beds, planters, and other outdoor greener. Lengthy yard perimeter retaining walls are also a great way to protect soil when the perimeter is sloped or angled. 

Our wall construction and designs are multi-faceted, providing added strength while looking natural and appealing. We don’t create walls that make your property feel industrial or boxed in. The goal is functionality first and then ensuring that each block or stone complements the other natural areas of the property.  

Dry Stack Block Retaining Walls

Standard retaining wall units are the best way to support high-grade and large amounts of soil. These units are stacked one by one, interlocking one another to create uniform strength across the entire wall. 

The process doesn’t require mortar, but we backfill the wall by combining soil and rock for taller heights and added retention. Backfilling a wall enables us to use these modular blocks in applications as high as 15-30 ft. 

Commercial applications and walls above 4ft require sound engineering for load and water management. Stacking stones for soil retention above 4ft without proper engineering is a code violation, and if detected by the city or Raleigh, it will have to be torn down.

What is a Retaining Wall?

So, there are several versions of landscape walls, but a retaining wall is much different from your average landscape wall. Retaining walls are engineered structures that hold and maintain soil on slopes within residential and commercial applications.

Furthermore, retaining walls are solid structures that stabilize high terrain elevations, preventing gravity from forcing soil and other materials downhill.

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Retaining Blocks

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Our block, stone, and paver designs meet your retaining wall needs. With years of experience, we can quickly guide you through discerning the specifics of what’s needed and how we can achieve those results with your budget in mind. 

For retaining walls and drainage that meet the demands and needs of your landscape, call Sticks and Stones of Raleigh, NC, today!

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