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Patio installation and design is our key featured service, and you will be amazed at how transforming a paver or stone patio is. We are patio pros in Raleigh, NC, and have been improving landscapes in the triangle, one stone at a time, for over 27 years. 

Don’t make the mistake of trying to build a patio on your own. Unlike DIY build kits and other subpar service providers, we professionally tamp and grade the soil and gravel to ensure minimal settling. Water shedding is another advantage of our process, preventing standing water and erosion. 

Our guaranteed service quality, product knowledge, and experience specializing in stone and paver patios ensure your project is highly customizable, offering enhanced beauty and performance. 

Patio Pro Design & Inspiration

How satisfied you are with the results of your dream patio relays on the keen eye of a professional installer. When a patio is custom-built and designed specifically to compliment the landscape and layout, it will not only better suit your needs, but you are also more inspired to utilize the space.

Patios are more than mindless ground-level hardscapes. Impactful stonework evokes activity and lasting memories that complement existing structures. While we help with every step of the process, from choosing and laying each stone, our most important goal is that you are happy with the long-term improvement in a way that inspires you every time you step outside.

Patio Installation Options & Materials

Enjoy the advancements of paver options from the leading vendors, Tech-Bloc and Belgard. Our designs range from basketweave and herringbone to typical geometric layouts. 

Several paver types can be combined for the perfect design paring with brick, stone, and other materials. But your options don’t stop there! Flagstone, marble, granite, and slate are also our most popular options, and viewing the beauty of each stone option is an essential step in our process.

In addition to materials, our full-service patios include lightingdrainage, and curb edging. When we view your property, we consider all options to build your patio to the highest standards. 

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Patio Installation

Patio Installation Service Raleigh, NC

Real team leadership and high expectation are what we attribute to our success, and your project is no different. We can’t wait to share our enthusiasm and expertise to earn your business. 

Our non-slip patios are strong enough to withstand repeated driveway and car traffic, more substantial than concrete surfaces. We also provide recycled granite and other stones to reduce our environmental impact. 

We deliver outstanding service quality evetime. Contact us if you want a durable and guaranteed professional patio installation.

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