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Your patio and landscape lighting are not an afterthought; they are part of our process.

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If your landscape is in the shade or when you want to enjoy the late evening outdoors, our outdoor patio lighting installation will illuminate outdoor spaces to your desire. Create a neat and button-up look with our wired and solar solutions.

Our lighting systems can easily integrate into walls, steps, and other structures. Solar garden lighting is another popular means of making your way to outdoor areas without needing a flashlight and deters unwanted animals. 

Automatic Outdoor Lighting

Lights with motion sensors can be a nuisance when not set up correctly. Sensored lighting can also act as an added measure of security.

Auto-dimming landscape and patio lights increase visibility and yard illumination in a natural and subdued way. These set-it-and-forget-it systems can also be monitored from a single knob controlling the timing and intensity.  

Automating your outdoor lighting is one of many patio accessories we offer, and it’s an easy addition that doesn’t break the bank. While there are many options and outdoor lighting solutions, our system recommendations are weatherproof and energy efficient. 

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Patio Lighting Solutions

There’s no better time to install low-voltage patio lighting than when landscape improvements are underway. Our professional staff conveniently completes your outdoor lighting, so you don’t have to get anyone else involved.

If hanging overhead lighting is what you are after, we can also handle that. But for professional patio light solutions in or around Raleigh, NC, call us for expert designs and layouts. 

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