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Enhance your backyard with an outdoor fireplace customized to meet your gathering, storage, and landscape needs.

Having your next build designed by our expert staff ensures a professional outdoor structure that exceeds being merely an outdoor attraction and statement piece. Our designs accommodate natural elements and add functionality, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Custom fireplace constructions combined with other convenience amenities will naturally draw you and others outdoors in a way that will encourage a new or improved way of life right within the comfort of your home.

We offer a complete package of installations and repairs that are sure to reignite the flame. Contact us for your improved outdoor experience today!

Brick Fireplaces

Brick has been around for ages and offers a timeless look that complements a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. The heat retention of a brick fireplace is another added benefit worth recognition. Your next brick fireplace could easily coordinate with the existing brick substrates outside your home.

Stone Fireplaces

Piece by piece, each layer of mortared stone offers a unique artistic design that cannot be easily replicated. A stone fireplace and its natural aging process also add an artistic flare making it one of a kind. Personalizing your stone fireplace could be the most rewarding outdoor renovation experience.

Paver Fireplaces

Paver fireplaces are a great way to build a custom design with a natural appearance and lower the fireplace build cost. Pavers can also be sealed and stained to improve overall durability and reduce cleaning and maintenance. In many cases, the leading paver colors and designs increase flexibility and build options in a way no other material can.

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Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Your Outdoor Fireplace Building & Design Have Been Ignited

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to capture those magical and mesmerizing moments in time, and there is no more durable material to build it with than stone.

We offer designs and layouts that complement your landscape and budget. Our natural wood-burning fireplaces are built on-site, with your safety in mind, while capturing the atmospheric ambiance of relaxation!

Contact us to build your next outdoor fireplace dreams today!

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Make lasting Memories With your Next Outdoor Fireplace.