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The added beauty of landscape stone is undeniable. Whether you need landscape or curbstone, our complete stone edging services will protect natural areas in a lasting way that decreases the chance of mulch, straw, or rocks spilling and running over into natural areas, walks, & driveways. 

When you want landscape paver stones that look natural and won’t crack, our trusted vendors at Belgard and Techo-bloc provide formidable landscape solutions that are sure to meet your desired look. Yard stone colors, sizes, and compositions are vast enough to make your front or back yard unique. 

Custom Landscape Stone Design

We are not only dedicated to creating landscape builds that inspire. We are personally involved in selecting each stone or boulder if you want natural rocks. But combining multiple stones, paver, and brick options is only a minor part of our expertise.

We also understand that each large stone’s placement and positioning are vital to its visual effect and stability.

The excitement of our strategic process never gets old, no matter the size of the stone. Call us anytime for small or more significant projects or boulders. We can’t wait to meet your landscape stone needs!

Flower/ Plant Beds

Creating natural areas around flowers, shrubs, & tree open the door to numerous design options. And when those areas are secured with substantial landscape stones, you can confidently fill those plant & flower beds with whatever soil or material you want.

Decorative Landscape Stone

Decorate your yard or garden with large rocks or small landscape edging that’s mortared and grouted, creating lasting mini walls that cannot be knocked down or disrupted. These structures can also be designed to match existing stone, rock, or paver structures.

Drive/ Walkway Curb Stone

Curbstone provides an added implied boundary that prevents unwanted traffic. Like a bump stop, curb stone is ideal for walkways, driveways, and other areas that need added protection from heavy machinery, cars, and foot traffic.

River Rock

The round and oval shapes of river rock mitigate the jagged edges of other stones, and once they are placed, they are less likely to move or roll, making them ideal rocks for flower beds.

Smaller yard Peebles can also be used as bases and top layers.

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Outdoor Landscape Stones

Yard Landscape Stones

Landscape stones are the best options for natural areas as they do not decay or combust. With no fires or insect attractions, your outdoor space can remain natural without compromise.

Trees, plants, and natural materials are our passion. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in choosing the best combination of landscape stone solutions and even wowing the neighbors. 

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