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Backyard fire pits have become a must-have staple for outdoor living in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Luckily it doesn’t take a monumental or expensive structure to enjoy a friendly fire with a friend or family member. An outdoor fire pit brings an irreplaceable feeling of honest privacy and indulgence. 

When you want to wind down, there’s no better place than in good weather. Like a campfire, backyard fire pits provide a collaborative and relaxing social connection drawing each other closer. Over multiple seasons, a low-slung wood or gas pit enables people to circle and stare into them from all angles, evoking comradery and relationship. 

While installing a pit is cost-effective and straightforward, a few obvious safety factors are involved. Our fit pit designs guarantee construction that contains and isolates the fire to prevent significant heat from being transferred to the surface. 

Outdoor Fire Pit Design

Since part of the added value of a fire pit leans towards its simplicity, your next fire pit can easily integrate into your existing patio using matching stones or pavers, or you can be as elaborate as you want.

Built-In Fire Pits

Our built-in fire pits are integrated into walls for a seamless look. Build-in fire pits also offer the ability to view the fires indoors and at higher levels. Gazing at a backyard fire from indoor living spaces adds a lot of charm to any home.

Tuscan Style

If natural stone is the look you are after, Tuscan-style fire pits offer the most natural look of any layout. Choose a large ground slate to match a circle or rectangular-shaped design.

Appaloosa Brick

The small and tightly interlocking design of brick help retains heat better than other most other materials. Brick fire pits are also an excellent way to build perfectly uniform surroundings for taller or lower heights.

Gas Fire Pit Fillers

Gas-burning fire pit builds are slightly different from wood-burning ones. One of the most noticeable differences is the vision of what’s burning. Choose from lava rock and colored glass that glow and illuminate the night. 

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Backyard Fire pits

Paver & Stone Fire Pit Installation

We have built more fire pits than we can count, and for over 27 years, we have enjoyed every single one we have created. When you want your backyard experience to be enhanced, few things will come close to the impact of a firepit. 

Watch us transform your home into an outdoor dream. Not only will we build it, but we will also design and present ideas for supporting hardscapes with your goals in mind. Contact us for honest outdoor improvement recommendations that guarantee experience and safety.

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Fire Pits Increase outdoor Lifestyles From Your backyard.